Martin Fassett - Personal Trainer

Kate Nimmo (GB Age Group Athlete in Triathlon, Aquathlon, Biathle and Swimming.); “I have worked with Martin for a number of years and found him to be a passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable PT. He cares about you and your goals and works with you to achieve these. His session construction blends together core fundamental exercises with more novel ones to ensure sessions are relevant, well paced, suitably challenging and engaging. Martin is an experienced trainer who has the confidence and competence to adapt session plans to cater for on the day life / body challenges you can sometimes face!”

John Pinfold (Cheltenham & County Cycling Club.); ”I’ve been delighted with the help I’ve received from Martin. Through core-strength work and a well-structured Wattbike programme, covering functional threshold power (FTP), VO2max and strength work, my ability and pace out on the road has improved dramatically over the last 12 months. I’d very happily recommend Martin’s work and his tailored, personal approach to training to anyone who is serious about achieving a better athletic performance”.

Debs Smith; “I started running some years ago in order to improve my fitness, all was going fine until I suffered an injury to my left knee. I was given diagnosis that I would never run again. This news just made me utterly miserable until a friend encouraged me to contact Martin with the words “I guarantee you will be running again if you do as Martin says”. He has shown me how to improve my posture, my running technique and core strength. I have now completed the Tewkesbury Half Marathon in 2 hours 4 mins and am now training for the Cheltenham Half in September!”

Matthew Caine; “I started training with Martin to increase my fitness levels and ultimately lose weight. After only 6 months I reached my goal weight and increased my fitness. Martin comes up with different exercises all the time and always keeps me motivated. He has a great attitude and makes the sessions fun. I definitely could not have achieved all that I have done without Martin. I fully recommend Martin to anyone, he is a fantastic personal trainer!”

Iain Willaims; It has been a long 18 months, plagued with various injuries, which have kept me from running. Martin has been there every step of the way offering support and guidance when it was most needed. His patient approach has really helped with motivation when it was most lacking. Having now completed 2 parkrun’s I am feeling much more confident about the future and am starting to look forward to increasing my medal count!”

Harriet (Harry) Daly; “Martin was recommended to me through a colleague who had been training with him for a couple of years already. My initial aim was weight loss – I was out of shape and probably my heaviest. But after a few months, while the weight did begin to drop off, my priorities totally shifted and I was more interested in boosting my fitness and building some muscle! Every session was different, and Martin was great at gauging my mood and adapting the session accordingly. I had never really been exposed to weights before, and am now in a position where I feel I have the experience and technique to be able to use them in a gym on my own. I thoroughly enjoyed training with and chatting to Martin three times a week, and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness, whatever their level!”

Alice Gould; “I had been enjoying running but my knee started to hurt. I started training with Martin hoping to regain a little fitness and keep toned. Each week Martin brings something new for me to try, which means that training is never boring and keeps me feeling challenged. In addition Martin looked at what was causing the knee pain and we have been doing lots of different strengthening exercises. I am over the moon to not only be able to go running again, I have now completed my first half marathon and am about to do my second. Martin has written me weekly running schedules for each day whilst meeting with me once a week to check strength and progress, and to set achievable realistic targets. It’s all actually been a lot of fun! Whatever your goals, obstacles or your starting point I cannot recommend enough that you go and see Martin. It doesn’t feel like he’s doing this just because it’s a job either, Martin makes you feel like your goals matter to him too!” (Since writing this Alice has gone on to complete Ironman 70.3’s and Long Course Weekends).