Wattbike/Indoor Cycling

Why use a Wattbike?
I have a Wattbike Pro as it’s a great tool for cyclists because it;
· Produces masses of data; including watts, heart rate, speed….
· Tracks your pedalling effectiveness so you can learn to pedal more efficiently
· Displays power output for each leg so you can make sure you are producing as much power as you can
· Will allow you to access your session data via the Internet
· Can be linked to your training app such as TrainingPeaks and Strava

What does the Wattbike package include?
This is a Studio based package that will cover;
· Structured workout on specifics each week
· Workouts based around your heart rate and/or the power you can produce
· Testing in a controlled environment
· At least one quality bike session a week no matter what the weather
· 2 x FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Tests
· 8 x Workout sessions
Cost: £180.00

If you are looking to add Wattbike sessions to your own training plan, that’s no problem. Just contact me and we can put a plan together. [click here]

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